Pre-Google, Cathy had managed plenty of people and projects, but a leadership class at (thanks, Google!) catapulted her to a new vision of how to lead—and how to cope with burn-out (her own included).  

An executive coach then demo-ed the value of an ‘outside opinion,’ leading Cathy to greater insight and peak performance. But, how did a coach who was NOT involved in tech—or the product itself—galvanize her to get such stellar results? And what would happen if that coaching process were married to an insider’s intimate knowledge of the exact stresses tech teams face? Cathy saw she’d rather coach than manage. Facilitating a leadership camp for engineers was next ... and the rest is history. New vocation? Found!

She’s facilitated myriad classes and learning opportunities for tech execs, engineers, and product and program managers. She’s also started and sold a couple of businesses. Now, she marries impeccable hands-on geek cred with up-to-the-minute, research-backed, organizational theory (group dynamics from a systems perspectives, organizational change, executive coaching, and the ever-popular—because ever-necessary—managing conflict in organizations.)

Cathy’s working style is jargon-free. And she’s not “touchy-feely”—just a great listener who asks the questions you didn’t even know you were afraid to ask yourself. All her hard-core technical skills and psychological savvy combine to ensure just one thing. Results.